Yohann Ravino

Gain freedom from all those hassles and set your business on Auto-Pilot  using the most coveted technologies on the market such as React.JS, React Native,  NodeJS, AWS or, even Firebase.

How Do You Bring Your Big Ideas to Life & Take Your Business to New Heights?

Avoid Costly Mistakes

I spare you the 4 most frustrating words your average web developer can say "It's not ready yet"

Senior Fullstack Developer

You can rely on a long and rich experience of 10 years and unique working methods.

Get results

All your projects are carried out in the rules of art and delivered to you in the shortest amount of time.

Trend Tech

Flexible and smooth workflow. With complete mastery of various programming languages – React.JS, Angular, NodeJS, AWS, or even Firebase.

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What Can I Bring To The Table?

I’ve worked on hundreds of projects and delivered results that have helped my clients save time, money and grow their business faster. From migration, bug fixes, enhancement, and functionality development for web and mobile applications. I can help you too.

Ultra-fast delivery:

Speed up the process of building your business and meet the market demands with my unique working methods and my ultra-fast deliveries

Budget control

You can save time, money, and frustration by letting me handle your development tasks.

Connect your apps and automate your process

Stop wasting time with repetitive tasks, automate your processes and increase processes efficiency and consistency.

I Turn Business Concepts into Reality & Make You Look Like An Expert From The Get-Go!

Ulys by VINCI Autoroutes : with the Ulys app, your electronic toll badge has more than one turn in your pocket.

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Making Ideas Come to Life !

Because the online marketplace has become more cluttered than ever. More overwhelming than ever. More frustrating than ever, and it’s getting worst. You could NEVER cut through the noise with a sloppy, unresponsive website. Or a clunky, outdated mobile app.

My Clients' Satisfaction is My Only Business Strategy

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